(All our balloons are biodegradable and we always conform to the NABAS environmental guidelines)

For a really spectacular effect at an opening ceremony a mass balloon release is hard to beat.

On a smaller scale a balloon race is an effective fundraiser and easy to run when you have a little know-how.

Always consult a professional before organising an event of this kind.

Spectacular for a grand opening or product launch

  • Fund Raiser
  • Great way of sending a message or launching for a funeral or just remembering a loved one
  • Balloon Race
  • Newsworthy

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A Balloon release is a great way to raise money for a special charity. This method is proven to work and guarantees an outstanding return on your investment. In addition there are other real advantages to organising a balloon release that perhaps do not immediately come to mind.

Your local press will certainly attend your event if they are made aware that a photogenic end is guaranteed? A balloon launch can look great in the local newspapers! Local publicity is a most welcome outcome, and whether your event is a balloon race or balloon launch, it will help to raise extra publicity? and hopefully money!

By advertising that balloons will be released from a balloon net at the end of your event you will ensure that visitors stay to see this spectacular conclusion.



For balloon releases of over 5000 balloons you must have the written consent of the Civil Aviation (CAA). For releases below 5000 balloons, written approval is not required by the CAA.

The CAA can be contacted on 020 7453 6599,
and requires at least 28 days notice



  • Use any foil or non-latex balloons


  • Attach ribbons, valves or string to the balloons being released as they are often non-biodegradable and can endanger wildlife.


  • Release any balloons that are larger than 12 inches.